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Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology
출판사 : Oxford USA
저 자 : Sears
ISBN : 9780195162202
발행일 : 2008-7
도서종류 : 외국도서
발행언어 : 영어
페이지수 : 832
판매가격 : 55,000원
판매여부 : 재고확인요망
주문수량 : [+]수량을 1개 늘입니다 [-]수량을 1개 줄입니다

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   Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology 목차
1. The Psychologies Underlying Political Psychology, David O. Sears, Leonie Huddy, and Robert Jervis
Theoretical Approaches
2. Models of Decision-Making, Richard R. Lau
3. Childhood and Adult Political Development
4. Personality and Political Behavior, David G. Winter
5. Evolutionary Approaches to Political Psychology, Jim Sidanius and Robert Kurzban
6. The Psychology of Emotion and Politics, George E. Marcus
7. Political Rhetoric, Michael Billig
International Relations
8. Political Psychology and Foreign Policy, Jack S. Levy
9. Image Theory and Strategic Interaction in International Relations, Richard K. Herrmann
10. Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Herbert C. Kelman and Ronald Fisher
Mass Political Behavior
11. Communication and Politics in the Age of Information, Donald R. Kinder
12. Political Impressions: Formation and Management, Kathleen M. McGraw
13. Information Processing and Public Opinion, Charles S. Taber
14. Values, Ideology, and the Structure of Political Attitudes, Stanley Feldman
Intergroup Relations
15. Group Identity and Political Cohesion, Leonie Huddy
16. Prejudice and Intergroup Hostility, John Duckitt
17. Theorizing Gender in Political Psychology Research, Virginia Shapiro
Political Change
18. Education and Democratic Citizenship in a Changing World, Orit Ichilov
19. Collective Political Action, Bert Klandermans
20. Genocide, Mass Killing and Intractable Conflict: Roots, Evolution, Prevention, and Reconciliation, Ervin Staub and Daniel Bar-Tal
21. Rescuing Political Science from Itself, Robert E. Lane
   도서 상세설명   

Political psychology applies what is known about human psychology to the study of politics. It examines how, for example, people reach political decisions on topics such as voting, party identification, and political attitudes as well as how leaders mediate political conflicts and make foreign policy decisions.
The Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology gathers together a distinguished group of scholars from around the world to shed light on such questions as: how does personality affect leadership style? What are the origins of racial prejudice? How does violent communal conflict originate?
Focusing first on political psychology at the individual level (attitudes, values, decision-making, ideology, personality) and then moving to the collective (group identity, mass mobilization, political violence), this fully interdisciplinary volume covers models of the mass public and political elites and addresses both domestic issues and foreign policy.
Providing an up-to-date account of cutting-edge research within both psychology and political science, this is an essential reference for scholars and students interested in the intersection of the two fields.

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