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Lattice Boltzmann Equation: For Fluid Dynamics and Beyond
출판사 : Oxford University Press
저 자 : Succi
ISBN : 9780199679249
발행일 : 2013-7
도서종류 : 외국도서
발행언어 : 영어
페이지수 : 308
판매가격 : 69,000원
판매여부 : 재고확인요망
주문수량 : [+]수량을 1개 늘입니다 [-]수량을 1개 줄입니다

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   Lattice Boltzmann Equation: For Fluid Dynamics and Beyond 목차
1. Kinetic Theory
2. Lattice Gas Cellular Automata
3. Lattice Boltzmann models with underlying Boolean microdynamics
4. Lattice Boltzmann models without underlying Boolean microdynamics
5. Lattic Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook
6. Boundary conditions
7. Flows at moderate Reynolds number
8. LBE flows in disordered media
9. Turbulent flows
10. Out of Legoland: geoflexible lattice Boltzmann equations
11. LBE in the framework of computational field dynamics
12. LBE schemes for complex fluids
13. LBE for quantum mechanics
14. Thermohydrodynamic LBE schemes
15. Finale: Who needs LBE?
16. Appendices
   도서 상세설명   

In recent years, stylized forms of the Boltzmann equation, now going by the name of "Lattice Boltzmann equation" (LBE), have emerged, which relinquish most mathematical complexities of the true Boltzmann equation without sacrificing physical fidelity in the description of many situations involving complex fluid motion. This book provides the first detailed survey of LBE theory and its major applications to date. Accessible to a broad audience of scientists dealing with complex system dynamics, the book also portrays future developments in allied areas of science (material science, biology etc.) where fluid motion plays a distinguished role.

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